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Capote is a 2005 biopic that follows Truman Capote on a writing assignment for the New Yorker in a small Kansas town where he investigates the gruesome murders of a local family. The film follows the events in Capote's life during the writing of his non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood. The movie was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the summer of 2004.Here is a review:" This moving film lives and breathes on the powerful shoulders of Phillip Seymour Hoffman's stunning performance in the title role. Hoffman captures all of the unique physical characteristics that made Capote such a familiar public figure in his lifetime and invests them with a humanity that is almost unbearably poignant. The film focuses on Capote's research on the book "In Cold Blood" and the personal journey that his relationship and identification with killer Perry Smith became (Capote says at one point that it was like they grew up in the same house, and he went out the front door while Perry went out the back), a compelling and complicated relationship that this uncompromising film presents in moving detail. But what truly makes it a unique work of art is the brilliant work of Hoffman - always an interesting actor - whose performance as Truman Capote should elevate him to the pantheon of film giants. "

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